1) All games are played in accordance with Hockey AB/CSSHL official rules.

2) Roster Size: A maximum of nineteen (19) players, including goaltenders can play for each team, each game and the names will be those submitted to the Tournament Committee prior to the start tournament and appear on the teams official HCR Affiliate players must be added prior to games starting and for the purpose of replacing a player for injury or reasons that make the original player unavailable. Any team found playing an ineligible player (I.E. player name not submitted on the original roster and not an approved affiliate player by the tournament committee) may be immediately disqualified from the tournament.

3) Jersey Colors: home teams will wear light while the visitors will wear dark.

4) Game Start Times: All teams must be ready to play at the scheduled time, unless deemed otherwise by the tournament officials. Every effort will be made to start games on time and finish within the allocated time slot. Tournament officials will determine and communicate to the officials if run time will be in effect when a game is behind schedule.

5) Game Format: All games will have three (3) twenty (20) minute stop time periods with a seven (7) minute warm-up.

6) OT Format Round Robin & Playoff - 1 minute break on clock after 3 period ends and then 3on3 for 5 mins sudden death. After 5 minutes 3on3 if still tied then it's a three (3) player shootout. Officials will collect the shooters after OT ends.

Team who scored first in regulation has the choice to shoot first or second. If 0-0 then the home team will choose. Substitutions allowed only due to injury.
  • If the score remains tied after the designated three (3) shooters, the shootout will continue in a sudden death format until the tie is broken.
  • Original shooters may not shoot again until the full roster has been used. • It is the coach’s responsibility to track his/her teams’ shooters.
  • Any player that shoots “out of turn” will be disqualified from the remainder of the shootout and any goals scored from this “out of turn” attempt shall be recorded as no goal.
7) Ice Cleans will be conducted at the end of each period – unless the tournament officials rule to postpone a cleaning with the intent to finish a full game within the scheduled time slot.

8) Time Outs: Each team will be awarded only one (1) thirty (30) second time out in each game. No timeouts in OT.

9) Points: Round Robin
  • Three (3) points for a regulation win
  • Two (2) points for an overtime win
  • One (1) point for an overtime loss
  • Zero (0) points for a regulation loss.

10) In the event of a tie for points within a pool for seeding, the following tie breaker rules will be used:
  • 1st Head to Head
  • 2nd Regulation Wins
  • 3rd Highest Goal Differential: GF/(GF+GA)
  • 4th Who scored first between the two tied teams head to head
  • 5th Fewest Penalty Minutes
  • 6th Most Goals For
  • 7th Least Goal Against
  • 8th Coin Toss (best of 3)